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The Decadent Foods You Must Never Give Up! The Decadent Foods You Must Never Give Up!
Oven-Baked Apple Cobbler
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Sweet Chocalate Chip Scones
Our Chocolate Chip Scones make any coffee break a happily sweet, surprisingly filling weight loss victory. Page 210

Easy! Smash up some graham crackers for a crust, then fold together frozen yogurt and the off-the-shelf whipped topping on page 409 for a special occasion or a weeknight surprise.
Strawberry Shortcake
Indulge! Take a few extra minutes to whip the egg whites; you can cut way back on the fat and enjoy every delicate, spongy, creamy layer of this indulgent Tiramisu. Page 398

Fluffy! Our Strawberry Shortcake uses real heavy whipping cream and a fluffy cake that brings out the juicy, fresh flavor of the berries. Page 387

Addicting! Our moist cakes are topped with a full-fat, prepared frosting to please every member of your family. Page 392
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